Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals Treatment Wichita, KS

Root Canal Therapy Wichita KS - Dold Family DentalRoot canals have an unfair reputation as painful procedures. In reality, a root canal – also called a pulpectomy – is often the best way to relieve pain and preserve a damaged tooth.

When a tooth becomes infected, the infection cannot be allowed to spread. Otherwise, you risk losing the teeth and endangering your health. During a root canal, Dr. Steven cleans the infection out from the tooth’s canal and removes inflamed tissue. This procedure halts the infection, relieves the pain, and allows you to keep your tooth.

After a root canal, Dr. Steven usually places a crown to protect your tooth and keep it looking great.

If you’re suffering from a toothache or suspect you may have an infection, let Dold Family Dental know right away. Just give us a call at (316) 202-8588, and we’ll be happy to help.