Scaling and Root Planing

Deep Cleanings to Stop Gum Disease in Wichita, KS

Deep Cleanings Wichita KS - Dold Family DentalThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that almost half of all American adults have some form of gum disease. The consequences of this epidemic go much further than just bleeding gums. Gum disease directly leads to tooth loss, widespread infections, and even disease in the cardiovascular system.

Fortunately, most cases of gum disease can be reversed without surgery. Dr. Steven provides scaling and root planing treatment, a deep cleaning around and beneath your gums, to treat many instances of gum inflammation and infection.

To ensure patients’ comfort, he uses anesthetic when necessary. Dr. Steven also employs ultrasonic scalers for cleaning rather than traditional scalers that produce unpleasant scraping.

Not every patient will need a scaling and root planing, but this treatment can be invaluable for addressing gum disease, preventing tooth loss, and preserving your health. Make sure to schedule your examination today by calling Dold Family Dental at (316) 202-8588.