Tooth Extractions

Comfortable Tooth Removal in Wichita, KS

Tooth Removal Wichita KS - Dold Family DentalOne of Dr. Steven’s main goals is to ensure your oral health through preventative dentistry. However, patients sometimes have a tooth suffering from infection, trauma, or decay so extensive that the tooth must be pulled to prevent further problems. Fortunately, having a problem tooth extracted often puts an end to pain and other issues.

At Dold Family Dental, Dr. Steven extracts teeth quickly and with minimal discomfort using Piezosurgery instruments. This technology incises dense tissue, such as teeth and bone, without damaging soft tissue. These advanced methods result in less postoperative discomfort and shortened healing times for our patients.

Once your tooth is removed, we can also provide incredible tooth replacement with permanent dental implants.

Don’t live with a toothache or damaged tooth. Call us now at (316) 202-8588 for help. We also offer extractions of wisdom teeth.